Amy Domagalski


I arrived on the mat to practice mostly with the intention of getting a muscle building, stretching, and lengthening workout to compliment a vigorous marathon schedule. However, over time turned into something so much deeper and has evolved into a LIFELONG dedication to practice balancing body and mind with mind and spirit. Teacher trained at Core Essence with Shayne Broadwell and Ali Szarzynski in the 200 hour program. They inspired me to explore and challenge myself in order to become the individual that I have always dreamed of.

Through breath and movement, yoga not only connects us to the physical body, it also enables us to move inward and connect to the mind. The practice assists us in becoming the best versions of self as well as allows each magical being to harness the power of the universe in order to know, care for, love, and be the best of self. I believe each breath and movement is a gift. My passion is to bring these two golden gifts of life and yoga to children of all ages whose curiosity and unconditional love they express can be a motivation and inspiration for all to follow.

The community of Healium Hot Yoga and Robyn Lucks have welcomed me with open arms. I feel my home is at Healium!