Christopher Gilbert


It’s interesting how a firm practice keeps one flexible on mat and in life. I found yoga in my late 20s, burned out from a corporate job and with a general feeling of emptiness in life. Years later I’ve found that a large portion of my happiness comes from not taking anything too seriously, including yoga.

I have been practicing yoga consistently and resolutely since February of 2012. At Core Essence Yoga (RYS) I received my 200 hour certification in the fall of 2012 under the instruction of Shayna Broadwell and Ryan Hader, and now am excited and grateful to be teaching at Healium Hot Yoga.

For me yoga is a union or connection of mind and body that allows one to move and breathe freely and without judgment. Steady, rhythmic, flowing breathe accompanied by well-aligned yoga poses will leave you with a feeling of lightness and space.

In my classes I lay the framework for strong breathe, flowing movement, proper alignment, and a feeling of lightness. My teaching style is rooted in Hatha yoga with emphasis on Vinyasa flow, sprinkled with teachings from my own experiences of life and yoga, which may or may not include strange tidbits of my personality. You can expect to find both challenges and modifications in my classes which will hopefully help you feel welcome on your mat.

Outside of the studio you can find me working on carpentry skills, loving nature, laughing at the comedies of life, and striving, just like everyone else, to express myself honestly.