Erin Brady


I remember thinking back to my days in the restaurant world.  I spent years in Restaurant Management and Catering and had this mad passion for it; the kind of passion that drips from your teeth.  I didn't just enjoy it, I was good at it, and the chaos of it all fueled this fire inside of me.

It has been 15 years since I left that world and while I do enjoy my career, I have really begun to crave that spark.

Yoga was a place that took me away from the stress of work while it healed my body and in all honesty my heart and mind.  I was just drawn to it.  I find it to be no coincidence that we bought our house a block from Healium and once I met Robyn and the community that it gathered, I was hooked. 

While as a student I yearn for the high power Vinyasa flow classes, as a teacher I tend to focus on alignment and that critical pairing of breath with movement.  Thus urging students to quiet not only their minds, but their ego's to really be present in each pose allowing the longer holds to breed an entirely different challenge than those hard core fast paced classes that I personally love so much. I am a playlist junkie and while I do not always have the time to sit and create them, it has become one of my favorite parts about building classes! 

I am so thankful to the people around me for supporting me in this and am humbled to become part of the Healium team.  The studio is my sanctuary and holds a massive piece of my heart and I am indebted to it and to Robyn for helping me stoke my inner flame and find my new passion.