Robyn Lucks


Hi Friends, my name is Robyn Lucks and I am the owner and operator of Healium Hot Yoga. I have had the great fortune of teaching yoga for the last 7 years and being involved in the fitness world for over 15 years!  I started Healium Hot Yoga with the wonderful ladies of Healium Massage and Wellness just over two years ago.  Last year I took over sole ownership of this lovely space and it has been my absolute pleasure to put my heart and soul into this endeavor.  I love our studio, I love our community, and I love yoga!  Needless to say, I am a pretty lucky gal and truly love what I get to do.  I think my favorite part by far is the fact that I get to work with so many ambitious and inspiring yogis!  You students are truly the best part of my job!  I always say, we are a little studio with a lot of heart, and I mean it!  Everyday I get to see you each show up and work through some amazing stuff, physically and mentally. It is magical!  Even if class is a butt kicker, I see you all leave with the sweet smile of success. That is what I find so amazing about yoga; it is challenging on so many levels, yet it is accessible to almost everyone.  Even 5 minuets of yoga a day can do great things!  Just know that  every day is different and every class is different, all we ask is that you show up with an open mind and open heart.  Give your self space in your practice to take breaks when you need and honor your time in class for you!  If that means you sit on your mat for 60 minuets and just work on your breath, great!  Guess what....if you are breathing, you are doing yoga!  Yoga is hard, but it doesn't always have to be so serious.  It warms my heart that we have a wonderful community of people that love to move, sweat, laugh, and feel great together.  Thank you all for making this studio what it is, truly special.  If you haven't already, come enjoy a class with us!  Sweat the small stuff!