Inga Bentley


By nature I am both highly energetic and curious. Yoga, for me, is a tool I use to harness the energy of the body to calm the mind. I started practicing regularly at the beginning of 2015 with the one goal of being able to touch my toes, fast-forward almost a year and a half and I can not only touch my toes with my fingertips but also with my elbows! Throughout my yoga journey I have lost a lot of weight physically and emotionally. I remember sitting in many a yoga class being confused and left to wonder if I will ever be able to access any pose, for this reason I teach classes that are accessible to every level and every body type. Yoga for me is all about having fun tiring the body to be able to quiet the mind. You should expect a powerful asana while being surprised in how far you can take your practice!

In the little time I have left after yoga I am also an engineer, ultra-marathoner, dog lover and foodie!