We recommend using a large towel to cover your yoga mat during our HOT and GENTLY HEATED yoga classes to prevent slipping. We have towels for rent or purchase at the studio, or bring your own.  Also, please hydrate very well before and after all yoga classes, especially our classes that are heated! For more information on attending yoga/hot yoga classes, visit our Yoga FAQ Page.

Enjoy, and sweat the small stuff!

All classes on this page are NOT HEATED and the class will take place in a room that has no extra heat or humidity. The studio is often at a slightly warmer temperature simply because it has been heated all day.

VINYASA FLOW (75 MIN) The focus in this class is on flowing from pose to pose and linking your movement with your breath. In most Vinyasa classes you will start with a centering and warm up and than flow through various sequencing.  Vinyasa classes will typically finish with a mediation in Savasana, so it is great for calming the mind.  This class is a great challenge for any level practitioner. You can gain many wonderful benefits including; increased endurance, stamina, strength, and flexibility.  We encourage anyone to try.  Keep in mind you might want to take it easy your first several classes taking breaks whenever necessary.

***NEW! ALLbody YOGA (60MIN - NOT HEATED) This class is an entry-level class that focuses on body positivity by providing a space for those who might not usually attend class. ALLbody yoga aims to make space and support all sizes and shapes of people. With the use of props, meditation and breath work we will strengthen and stretch in a way accessible to ALL bodies. Open to ALLbodies - we will work to establish a small community of people trying to better themselves through shared mind and body awareness. This is a good way to support one another move your body, and have a little fun!

***NEW! RESTORATIVE - ENERGY REJUVENATION (60MIN - NOT HEATED) This class is appropriate for all students seeking the benefits of a very relaxing, gentle, and nourishing practice.   Restorative yoga is a practice that is all about slowing down and opening your body through passive stretching. Props will be used extensively to support your body so you can hold poses for longer periods of time. During this class you may hardly move at all, doing just a few postures in the course of an hour. During the long holds of restorative poses your muscles are allowed to relax deeply. This class is very mellow, making it a good compliment to more active practices and an excellent antidote to stress and anxiety.

BASIC YOGA FLOW (60 MIN - NOT HEATED) Basic Flow is geared to students new to yoga, returning to yoga, or any student wanting to check back in with alignment and posture breakdown. This class will give students the opportunity to learn basic sequencing of sun salutations, gain strength and confidence in warrior poses, practice standing balances, build core strength, understand alignment and how their bodies should feel in their yoga practice. Its a great opportunity to explore yoga in a supportive studio setting. No experience needed, just curiosity about developing your very own yoga practice. 

SLOW FLOW (75 MIN) This class is a deliberate and slower-paced Vinyasa Flow. It can be ideal for yogis just starting out or those that want to hone their practice and postures. You will spend more time in each asana to allow for a deeper exploration of the pose.  All levels are encouraged to partake.  Slow does not necessarily mean easy, so as always slow it down even more or take breaks when you need to.

CANDLELIGHT SLOW FLOW (75 MIN)  This is our slow flow class done to the low glow of candlelight.  Enjoy this thoughtful and deliberate Vinyasa Flow on Sunday's as a way to wind down from your weekend and refuel for your week ahead.  Expect to work hard and enjoy stillness and ease.  All levels welcome and encouraged to participate!

YIN YOGA (75  MIN) This class will take you beyond your muscles into your connective tissues such as your ligaments, tendons, bones, and joints.  You will hold postures for several minutes each and we will provide bolsters, blankets, blocks, and straps to support your body.  Our Yin classes can be physically challenging as you open up, but they will have an element of restoration at the end. Overall this class is meant to relax your muscles and still your outer and inner self. Through finding ease in these supported postures you are free to journey inward into a deep state of calm.  This class is a great balance and can deepen your practice of the yang styles of yoga such as all of the hot and warm classes we offer.

YIN / YANG YOGA (60 MIN) Yin yoga is a complementary yoga practice to the more dynamic and invigorating Yang yoga. During this class you will wake up, lengthen and strengthen your muscles, body, and mind with an invigorating vinyasa practice followed by a series of floor postures held passively for several minutes in order to access a safe and positive ‘stress’ on the deep layers of connective tissue in the body. Energetically, Yin yoga opens the mind for stillness, silence, and prepares us for deeper inner calming.