About: Meg is dedicated to a path of service to spread the truth of a yogic path. She recently returned from India where she studied with teachers to more fully understand the source of yoga and the methods of which all students can live the eight limbs in today's world. Her teaching approach focuses on awareness and honors individual uniqueness. Creativity and investigation are always encouraged with a goal to unveil the goodness, worthiness, and highest nature of each student and being. Meg emphasizes intuitive sequences that stretch, strengthen, and open the body to explore the art of meditation.

Class Structure: Students will move mindfully through traditional Surya Namaskara A & B sequences, keeping focus on breath and creating awareness around the energy that is moving through the body. Students can anticipate chanting, pranayama and various meditative methods to accompany their asana practice. The intention is to guide practitioners in creating an internal dialogue, understanding the alignment of the physical and esoteric bodies. 


Hello!  My name is Colleen and I have been practicing yoga for over 10 years.  Yoga is one of the few things I have found in life that I truly believe every single person on the planet can benefit from.  It has brought me an inner and outer strength and flexibility that has shaped my life from the moment I first stepped onto the mat.  I have studied several different forms of yoga and have focused predominantly on Hatha, Vinyasa, and Kundalini.  My passion for both Yoga and education brought me to my teacher certification in 2006.  Since then, I have had the honor to lead yoga students of all ages and ability levels in locations around the world including Sedona, Costa Rica, and the British Virgin Islands.  My goal as a yoga teacher is to provide every student with the tools necessary to explore their own body and discover the power and beauty that is inside us all.  I am always up for an adventure in the great outdoors, on my guitar, or from behind my camera.  I feel very lucky to begin the next step of my journey at Healium!


Becky started teaching at Heailum as a brand new teacher just out of her training program. She dove in head first and taught anything and everything in the beginning! Hot classes, aggressive classes, slow classes, and then, of all things, restorative and Yin and now, with her own baby on the way, prenatal yoga too!! Recently her teaching has evolved to focus more on slower strengthening classes and more restful therapeutic classes, but She says: "It's been a great experience to try to teach all these differing styles, and it has helped me think about the body and all the different bodies that a teacher needs to accommodate in any given class. Additionally, the depth and variety of student needs, goals and experiences is fascinating to hear and teach to! It's so wonderfully interesting, wide ranging and challenging.  Yoga can be fitted to any person and their mind-body-spirit connection and wellness goals. The practice is so expansive!  It's a joy to think about and happily, enough learning to last a lifetime! It's also an honor to share what I know and help people feel better in their bodies." Becky would like to thank all of her students, fellow teachers and studios for this experience. She'll be off for a few months this summer to welcome her daughter into the world and then back in the fall. 


I have been practicing yoga on and off since moving to Milwaukee in 1996. I started at a very small gym on the East Side, then discovered Pilates at a studio near Cathedral Square, and came back to yoga eventually about 4 years ago, finding a very regular practice at a studio on Milwaukee's East Side. I found my regular practice at a time when I was running my doggy day care business and found that it was truly that one hour of a day that I had to truly be PRESENT with myself. It was remarkable the feeling I had as I stretched and moved, feeling like I wasn't thinking about a single thing, each class the sense of bliss consumed me after I came out of svasana. 

Eventually I started volunteering at a yoga studio, learned lots from various teachers, not only about practice, but what brought them to the mat. I found inspiration in so many teachers, in different forms of practice, and within the energy of fellow students at the studio. Walking into this particular studio was my happy place. I eventually started managing the studio, which then led me to attending a Yoga Teacher Training program in Bali, Indonesia. The thing about yoga is that it heals if you let it, it helps you understand your body/mind//spirit....sometimes you understand to let go, sometimes you understand to be patient, sometimes you are just present and don't have to understand a darn thing. I didn't know it at the time of registration, but my time in Bali was going to be life changing and it came at such a crazy time in my life. I went into training just wanting a bigger understanding of the movement of yoga, the limbs of yoga and maybe a little more. I was adamant that I was NOT EVER GOING TO TEACH. At the end of my month in Bali, I taught a practice class, as all the students must do to complete this program and the buzz I got after teaching this class was amazing. AMAZING.  On my flight home, I read a yoga book about teaching yoga.....I started assisting experienced teachers during their classes and bam, I jumped right into teaching. 

I was so honored to be given the opportunity to join the Healium team as a sub, and then be put on the schedule as a regular teacher. I love the vibe of this studio and yoga in Bay View. The students in Bay View are AWESOME. They are supportive of each other, curious about new things, love learning from new teachers and over all just have this really super energy. I honestly can't imagine NOT teaching at Healium. So, a big huge thanks to Tanya for giving me a chance, Robyn for keeping me around, the other teachers for inspiring me to continue growing as a teacher and to the students that inspire me in so many ways on a continuous basis. 

I love teaching a style accessible for all levels, reminding people to be curious about challenging their bodies, but understanding their bodies in a way to keep them safe and healthy. You will often hear me say, "Be Kind to Yourself"....this means, let go of the ego and do what you feel is right, don't compare yourself and don't beat yourself up. My approach to yoga is kind, lighthearted and playful.....I encourage some laughs, some wobbles, some beads of sweat. Most of all, I encourage you to continue to find happiness in some form of yoga.....through the various types of movement or just living yoga in your day to day life. 


It’s interesting how a firm practice keeps one flexible on mat and in life. I found yoga in my late 20s, burned out from a corporate job and with a general feeling of emptiness in life. Years later I’ve found that a large portion of my happiness comes from not taking anything too seriously, including yoga.

I have been practicing yoga consistently and resolutely since February of 2012. At Core Essence Yoga (RYS) I received my 200 hour certification in the fall of 2012 under the instruction of Shayna Broadwell and Ryan Hader, and now am excited and grateful to be teaching at Healium Hot Yoga.

For me yoga is a union or connection of mind and body that allows one to move and breathe freely and without judgment. Steady, rhythmic, flowing breathe accompanied by well-aligned yoga poses will leave you with a feeling of lightness and space.

In my classes I lay the framework for strong breathe, flowing movement, proper alignment, and a feeling of lightness. My teaching style is rooted in Hatha yoga with emphasis on Vinyasa flow, sprinkled with teachings from my own experiences of life and yoga, which may or may not include strange tidbits of my personality. You can expect to find both challenges and modifications in my classes which will hopefully help you feel welcome on your mat.

Outside of the studio you can find me working on carpentry skills, loving nature, laughing at the comedies of life, and striving, just like everyone else, to express myself honestly.




My first exposure to yoga was back in the 70’s when my mom would practice from the book “Richard Hittleman’s Yoga: 28 Day Exercise Plan” and I’d stand on my head and laugh at her doing Simhasana, lion’s pose. I began practicing more seriously in the mid-90’s while in graduate school and under a great deal of stress. I started teaching yoga and studying for my yoga certification from the Temple of Kriya Yoga in Chicago in 2000 - it’s hard to believe I’m approaching 16 years on this beautiful, enriching and enlightening path! I’ve taught all over the Milwaukee area in those years and designed the yoga teacher training program at Kanyakumari Ayurveda and Yoga Wellness Center in 2004, which I continue to run. I’m so thrilled to be a part of the Healium Hot Yoga family - it’s a gem of a studio and I’m finally teaching in my neighborhood of Bay View. My husband, 10 year old son, and 2 cats (Mr. Pocket and Mr. Pants) are proud Bay Viewers, but only the cats like to practice yoga on the mat with me on a regular basis, which makes sun salutations an exercise in extreme balance and awareness! When I’m not practicing or teaching yoga, I enjoy hanging out with my family and friends, knitting, reading, listening to music and writing my vinyl record music blog.


I’ve been practicing yoga on and off now for over 10 years, but really returned as a serious student in the past 4 years.  Trying to rehab a serious neck injury and deal with some intense life stressors lead me to deepen my personal practice and eventually become a certified yoga teacher (right here at Healium!).
I have a background in physical medicine as an Occupational Therapist and my classes have a heavy focus on proper alignment, strength and functional movement- sprinkled with gentle encouragement, fun and humor.  I’m constantly amazed at the effort and dedication my students show and I work hard to provide them with an environment where they can grow, play and be safely challenged. 
I consider myself to be a lifelong student and I love helping people explore their own yoga paths, whatever that may mean for them. The beauty of yoga is that it will meet you wherever you are, physically or mentally, you just have to be willing to show up.
When I’m not on the mat, I’m exploring a hiking trail in the metro area or in one of our national parks with my family, out in the city on my endless quest for the perfect dirty martini, or taking my 85 lb. chocolate lab “puppy” Trooper for a long, goofy, happy walk.
I’m so proud of Robyn and the yoga community she’s built here at Healium.  Whether I’m teaching my own class or taking a class with one of the awesome teachers here, I always leave feeling happy and connected.  I’m incredibly honored to be a part of the Healium Hot Yoga family.


I remember thinking back to my days in the restaurant world.  I spent years in Restaurant Management and Catering and had this mad passion for it; the kind of passion that drips from your teeth.  I didn't just enjoy it, I was good at it, and the chaos of it all fueled this fire inside of me. 

It has been 15 years since I left that world and while I do enjoy my career, I have really begun to crave that spark. 
Yoga was a place that took me away from the stress of work while it healed my body and in all honesty my heart and mind.  I was just drawn to it.  I find it to be no coincidence that we bought our house a block from Healium and once I met Robyn and the community that it gathered, I was hooked.  

While as a student I yearn for the high power Vinyasa flow classes, as a teacher I tend to focus on alignment and that critical pairing of breath with movement.  Thus urging students to quiet not only their minds, but their ego's to really be present in each pose allowing the longer holds to breed an entirely different challenge than those hard core fast paced classes that I personally love so much. I am a playlist junkie and while I do not always have the time to sit and create them, it has become one of my favorite parts about building classes!  
I am so thankful to the people around me for supporting me in this and am humbled to become part of the Healium team.  The studio is my sanctuary and holds a massive piece of my heart and I am indebted to it and to Robyn for helping me stoke my inner flame and find my new passion. 



By nature I am both highly energetic and curious. Yoga, for me, is a tool I use to harness the energy of the body to calm the mind. I started practicing regularly at the beginning of 2015 with the one goal of being able to touch my toes, fast-forward almost a year and a half and I can not only touch my toes with my fingertips but also with my elbows! Throughout my yoga journey I have lost a lot of weight physically and emotionally. I remember sitting in many a yoga class being confused and left to wonder if I will ever be able to access any pose, for this reason I teach classes that are accessible to every level and every body type. Yoga for me is all about having fun tiring the body to be able to quiet the mind. You should expect a powerful asana while being surprised in how far you can take your practice!

In the little time I have left after yoga I am also an engineer, ultra-marathoner, dog lover and foodie!


I started practicing yoga in my teens but took a break from all things health related when I went to college. Years later, as I coped with the stress of grad school and a nasty running-induced knee injury, I found my way back to my mat and never left. Yoga helped me heal my body, quiet my inner worrywart, and grow in ways I never imagined. Now I'm just excited to help others find their favorite aspect of the practice! When I'm on my mat I like to get it moving and break a sweat. I'm learning to keep my flows creative so I can give my body plenty of ways to challenge and surprise me. That said, I'm all about injury prevention (props are not the enemy!) and am always down for a good restorative session. When I'm not practicing yoga I keep busy as a librarian. I'm a major bookworm and will read anything I can get my hands on. I love to cook, eat, travel, and camp, but I'll always call Milwaukee my home.


  I love teaching yoga!!!!!! No matter what kind of day I'm having I always am brought back to such joy after having the opportunity to watch students give it their all on their mats. That after class yoga bliss makes me want to dance every time! Being able to witness a students progress significantly change within a few classes is the most rewarding. Whether that's quick change in the students flexibility or it's a extra pep in their step. I truly feel like I am always learning something new from each student. Being able to take what I have learned thus far and creatively piece together movements that people enjoy is what its all about! 

  Vinyasa I would have to say is my favorite type of yoga to teach! The pace is exhilarating and helps quiet the mind. I'm always so inspired by how strong a class is together! I'll try to kick extra butt and am always so impressed by everyone's effort! I have not had much experience teaching yin, but try to incorporate some relaxing poses into the vinyasa cool down. Taking a long time in a pose to release, breathe and let those thoughts disperse is amazing and rejuvenating! 


Hi Friends, my name is Robyn Lucks and I am the owner and operator of Healium Hot Yoga. I have had the great fortune of teaching yoga for the last 7 years and being involved in the fitness world for over 15 years!  I started Healium Hot Yoga with the wonderful ladies of Healium Massage and Wellness just over two years ago.  Last year I took over sole ownership of this lovely space and it has been my absolute pleasure to put my heart and soul into this endeavor.  I love our studio, I love our community, and I love yoga!  Needless to say, I am a pretty lucky gal and truly love what I get to do.  I think my favorite part by far is the fact that I get to work with so many ambitious and inspiring yogis!  You students are truly the best part of my job!  I always say, we are a little studio with a lot of heart, and I mean it!  Everyday I get to see you each show up and work through some amazing stuff, physically and mentally. It is magical!  Even if class is a butt kicker, I see you all leave with the sweet smile of success. That is what I find so amazing about yoga; it is challenging on so many levels, yet it is accessible to almost everyone.  Even 5 minuets of yoga a day can do great things!  Just know that  every day is different and every class is different, all we ask is that you show up with an open mind and open heart.  Give your self space in your practice to take breaks when you need and honor your time in class for you!  If that means you sit on your mat for 60 minuets and just work on your breath, great!  Guess what....if you are breathing, you are doing yoga!  Yoga is hard, but it doesn't always have to be so serious.  It warms my heart that we have a wonderful community of people that love to move, sweat, laugh, and feel great together.  Thank you all for making this studio what it is, truly special.  If you haven't already, come enjoy a class with us!  Sweat the small stuff!