Becky Tesch


Becky started teaching at Healium as a brand new teacher just out of her training program. She dove in head first and taught anything and everything in the beginning! Hot classes, aggressive classes, slow classes, and then, of all things, restorative and Yin and now, with her own baby on the way, prenatal yoga too!! Recently her teaching has evolved to focus more on slower strengthening classes and more restful therapeutic classes, but She says: "It's been a great experience to try to teach all these differing styles, and it has helped me think about the body and all the different bodies that a teacher needs to accommodate in any given class. Additionally, the depth and variety of student needs, goals and experiences is fascinating to hear and teach to! It's so wonderfully interesting, wide ranging and challenging.  Yoga can be fitted to any person and their mind-body-spirit connection and wellness goals. The practice is so expansive!  It's a joy to think about and happily, enough learning to last a lifetime! It's also an honor to share what I know and help people feel better in their bodies." Becky would like to thank all of her students, fellow teachers and studios for this experience. She'll be off for a few months this summer to welcome her daughter into the world and then back in the fall.