Cat Jones


I started practicing yoga in my teens but took a break from all things health related when I went to college. Years later, as I coped with the stress of grad school and a nasty running-induced knee injury, I found my way back to my mat and never left. Yoga helped me heal my body, quiet my inner worrywart, and grow in ways I never imagined. Now I'm just excited to help others find their favorite aspect of the practice! When I'm on my mat I like to get it moving and break a sweat. I'm learning to keep my flows creative so I can give my body plenty of ways to challenge and surprise me. That said, I'm all about injury prevention (props are not the enemy!) and am always down for a good restorative session. When I'm not practicing yoga I keep busy as a librarian. I'm a major bookworm and will read anything I can get my hands on. I love to cook, eat, travel, and camp, but I'll always call Milwaukee my home.