Katie Wnukowski


I love teaching yoga!!!!!! No matter what kind of day I'm having I always am brought back to such joy after having the opportunity to watch students give it their all on their mats. That after class yoga bliss makes me want to dance every time! Being able to witness a students progress significantly change within a few classes is the most rewarding. Whether that's quick change in the students flexibility or it's a extra pep in their step. I truly feel like I am always learning something new from each student. Being able to take what I have learned thus far and creatively piece together movements that people enjoy is what its all about!

Vinyasa I would have to say is my favorite type of yoga to teach! The pace is exhilarating and helps quiet the mind. I'm always so inspired by how strong a class is together! I'll try to kick extra butt and am always so impressed by everyone's effort! I have not had much experience teaching yin, but try to incorporate some relaxing poses into the vinyasa cool down. Taking a long time in a pose to release, breathe and let those thoughts disperse is amazing and rejuvenating!