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Breathing 101


Do you ever wonder why yoga teachers talk so much about how we breathe? It's because Breathing is Yoga! Through correct application of your breathing practice, you can help decrease anxiety, stress and tension in the body, promoting a greater sense of well-being physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Pranayama can be described in Western terms as the art or science of yogic breathing techniques. Prana is translated as "life force" or "vital energy" and Yama can be translated to "restraint" or "control" or you can look at the second half of the word as Ayama or "expansion". Through the practice pranayama we can thus expand and control our life force energy.

Through this workshop you will learn various pranayama techniques that can be intertwined into your yoga practice and life, join Keia as she takes you on a journey through breath!

Saturday, October 19th
Workshop starts 1:30pm (till 2:45pm)
Limit 30 students
Price $25

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