Yoga classes will challenge you both physically and mentally. With a regular yoga practice you can gain mental strength and physical stamina that will enhance your health and well being. The discipline and patience you develop by working hard in an environment that can go beyond your comfort zone will directly and positively effect you inside and outside of the classroom. It is through your patience and diligence exerted in this practice, that you can learn how to maintain a sense of calmness in your everyday life even in the most challenging times.

We are an intimate studio, so space is limited - we encourage you to sign up for class ahead of time. You can reserve your space in class online up until 30 minutes before the class begins. You can cancel any class you have signed up for up to 2 hours before class time starts. Late cancellations or no shows are subject to a class charge.  If you have any trouble signing in through MINDBODY Online, or any issues making it to class, feel free to shoot us an email! Walk-ins are always welcome as studio space permits.

We have gathered some resources below to help you understand the benefits of yoga/hot yoga as well as some tips for your first class and general yoga etiquette.




Increased Core Strength
Lowers Blood Pressure
Weight Management
Improved Digestion
Improved Circulation
Body Detoxification
Pain and Tension Relief
Increased Flexibility
Improved Posture
Increased Immunity


Improved Intuition
Increased Self-Acceptance
Improved Concentration
Neutralized Stress
Improved Memory
Increases Mental Awareness
Focus on the Present
Increased Confidence
Unlocked Energy Flow
Balanced Brain Hemispheres

Yoga Makes You Happy!


In addition to the many benefits that you gain from a regular yoga practice, these are a few great things that can happen that are unique to heated yoga classes.

An excerpt from Smart Exercise by Covert Bailey describes the benefits of heated exercise:

  • Enhances vasodilatation so that more blood is delivered to the muscles. This means that the capillaries that weave around the muscles respond to the heat by dilation. This brings more oxygen to the muscles and helps in the removal of waste products such as carbon dioxide and lactic acid.
  • Allows oxygen in the blood to detach from the hemoglobin more easily. When blood passes through warm muscles, oxygen releases more easily from the hemoglobin. Blood passing through cold muscles release less oxygen.
  • Speeds up the breakdown of glucose and fatty acids.
  • Makes muscles more elastic and less susceptible to injury.
  • Improves coordination.
  • Reduces heart irregularities associated with sudden exercise.
  • Burns fat more easily. Warmed muscles burn fat more easily than cold ones. Fat is released during stress. The stress of intense exercise causes a deluge of fatty acids into the blood stream. If you exercise with cold muscles, they can’t use the fatty acids and they end up in places where they aren’t wanted, such as in the lining of your arteries.



  • Try not to eat a full meal 1 to 2 hours prior to class. If you need some fuel closer to class time, choose light foods such as fruit, yogurt or juice. Heavier foods should be consumed 2+ hours before class.
  • Come to class well-hydrated. Drink plenty of water throughout the day before class or the night before a morning class.


  • Yoga mat (mats are available at the studio for rent or purchase)
  • Full-size towel (towels are available for rent or purchase)
  • Water bottle (we have free water for refills as well as small bottles of water for sale)


Be prepared to sweat in the clothes you wear. It is helpful to wear clothes designed for sports activities and sweating. Snug-fitting, comfortable clothes that allow for movement while maintaining coverage are optimal.  Most importantly, wear what you feel comfortable in.  Shorts or pants required for all class participants.

• Women: Yoga shorts or crop pants, yoga bra or sports top, tank top, or t-shirt
• Men: Snug-fitting or longer shorts, tank top or t-shirt. 


  • Please arrive at least 10 minutes before class to fill out a waiver and get acquainted with the studio.


The following guidelines should be followed to maintain a strong and respectful practice environment and will ensure everyone can gain the most from their classes:

  • Do your best to stay in the room, especially during the heated classes. If the heat overwhelms you at any time, we encourage you to take a break and rest on your mat.  With stillness your heart rate and breath rate will slow down and you might feel comfortable resuming your practice.  If you absolutely feel you need to step out of class, you can have a seat in the lobby and rejoin class whenever you are ready.
  • Honor the practice and your fellow students by moving quietly during the poses and between postures.  Please respect your fellow yogis' practice and refrain from making audible noises outside of Ujjayi Breath, unless the class is engaged in another Pranayama or Chanting.  We strive to create an environment where all students have the space to maintain focus.
  • Focus on only yourself.
  • Sip water as needed between postures.
  • Do not bring personal items (such as cell phones, purses, keys) into the yoga room other than your mat, towel, and water bottle. The studio is locked during class.
  • Please keep yourself as free of odor as possible (the body kind, as well as perfumes.)
  • Please wipe up around your mat after class.
  • Be kind to yourself and your fellow yogis and don't forget to have a good time!